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  VHCompare AutoCAD Add-on Edition

VHCompare does not provide simple comparison like comparing the two overlay pictures. It is a tool that will compare properties down to each CAD object. Apart from comparing object positions, it can also compare drawings properties like color, layer, character fonts, line-type,etc. There are varies options for comparison including base point comparison, object base comparison, paper space comparison, model space comparison, x-ref files comparison,etc. This is to ensure the comparison is comprehensive, precise and error free.

Function superiority:
Ⅰ. Operate synchronously (zoom & pan) to facilitate the ease of finding difference.
Ⅱ. Provide "select basic point"or “select area" types of comparison ,etc.
Ⅲ. "External Reference"."Layout" and " Proxy Images for Custom Object " are also

Function characteristic:
Ⅰ. Precise comparison
1. Compare options
 Provide options like “Compare by Handle name” or “Compare by object detail”

May choose in the comparison option Dialog box “Compare by Handle” or “Compareby detail”

2. Compare by Handle:
'Compare by handle” method is widely used in most comparison tools in the market. The advantage of this method will require less time for comparison, but sacrificed with precision. For example, use Ctrl+C to copy an object from drawing A to drawing B with the same base point. The inserted object in drawing B will create a new “handle”. In this case, if using the “Compare by Handle” method will determine the two drawings are not the same. If fact, this is not the case.


3. Comparing Block, External Reference Files
VHCompare can compare objects within a block and external reference. “Reference Edit (REFEDIT)” command may choose to edit, add or delete objects; VHCompare may then compare the exact corresponding objects within a block.



4. Layout comparison
 Layout comparison, may apply in the paper space comparison. This is to facilitate user to inspect drawings changes from the model space environment.


5. Proxy Images for Custom Object comparison
There are professional plug-in software that runs on AutoCAD platform. These tools are tied tightly with AutocCAD. However, VHCompare may choose not to rely on AutoCAD platform, this tool could be executed independently to enable stronger user flexibility.


Ⅱ."compare" auxiliary function
1. Select base point comparison
If in a case many objects in a drawing have been moved or copied, comparison result will show all moved objects have been changed. Base point comparison may help to solve this misleading error result. Using “base point comparison” function to select the corresponding base point, the actual changes will be located and highlighted in the result screen.

 2. Select area comparison
For drawings file size larger than 10 mega-byte, the comparison process may take a longer period of time. Using “Select area comparison” may compare one specific area. This will shorten the needed comparison time and increase efficiency.

3. single object comparison
  ”Single object comparison” is the function that will allow comparing a single object. An object property table will display all differences within an object.


Ⅲ.Compared result
1.Object highlight
 When VHCompare has completed the comparison process, the system will highlight the changes in the result screen. The purpose of target highlight is to,
 A. Rapid display of final result.
B. User may turn on or off highlight button to reference changes for side by side modification.


 2. Highlight differences between the two versions in different color
For clear display of differences, the program will highlight the differences in different color. On the left hand side of compared drawings, the differences will be highlighted in red color. On the right hand side of compared drawings, the differences will be highlighted in blue color.


3. Zoom Synchronously
It is very convenient that user may examine the drawings comparison result, when this command is triggered. Zoom or pan (zoom, pan by command mode or mouse click) that is performed in one viewing window will work simultaneously in the other.





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