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How to register software license?

   All software can be downloaded for free trial, customer may evaluate before purchasing the software, This will allow customer to decide their real need of the software. All data processed during the trail period can be reused if the software license is finally purchased. All software can be used free for 30 days.

   一、How to purchase


   1、Free download《VHCompare》
   2、Free trail is good for 30 days, Please evaluate the software then proceed to registration.
   3、Satisfied with the software, you can contact our hotline to arrange money transfer,
   4、If the money is transferred, registration confirmation can be done immediately
   5、Once payment is confirmed, registration number will be sent to customer immediately
   6、Once registration process is completed, payment receipt will be sent out via registered mail. Customer will enjoy free upgrade and lifetime warranty (subject to product terms and conditions)
   7、If money transfer process cannot complete at the time of registration, customer is requested to email our hotline and with scanned copy of money transfer receipt
   二、 Price

   1、 VHCompare AutoCAD Add-on Edition       198USD/套
   2、 VHCompare Standalone Edition        98USD/套
   3、 VHCompare SDK  

  Reminder: To settle payment, we strongly suggest you to use banking service to perform money transfer. Please make sure you bring along your Identity Card with you.



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